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Detective Boot Camp is designed for the newly promoted detective. The average time it takes to get a new detective to all the necessary training courses is about three years. This program is designed to get newly promoted detectives trained in: Crime Scene Processing, Crime Scene Photography, Search Warrant and Arrest Warrant Preparation, Interviewing, Evidence Packaging, Forensic Lab Submissions, Electronic Investigations, Suspect Identification, and Court Room Testimony. The course is broken up into two levels with each level being one week long. At the conclusion of this training program, the student will be a fully functioning detective ready to “catch cases” and turn them from red to black.

This course is designed for the patrol officer who has around three years or more of experience. This course will prepare the patrol officer to obtain the quick admission from the suspect moments after their first encounter. The patrol officer will learn techniques to actively listen for guilty responses and look for non verbal responses indicating deception. Getting the quick confession on the street is the goal of every good street cop. This course will bring the veteran officer to a higher level of proficiency.

This course is not your typical I and I class. The student will be taught advanced techniques involving interpersonal skills, rapport building, active listening, cognitive interviewing, verbal and written statement analysis, and interrogation techniques. We give the students a simple system that is proven effective to elicit the maximum amount of truth from the subject. This class uses a lot of videos, role playing, and practical exercises to assist in digesting the material. This class is intended for investigators who conduct interviews in a controlled environment (i.e. interview rooms, etc.)