Recent quotes from exit surveys:

Interviewing and Interrogation Course

"Feel extremely confident for my next interview."

"If you have any interest in re-vamping and improving your interview skills, this is the class for you. I feel like I'm equipped to handle any interview, and anticipate a much higher success rate. Thanks Chris Chute!"

"This class brought to light mistakes I was making and cues from the suspect I was missing."

"Excellent class."

"Drove 1 1/2 hours each way and well worth it. Thanks!"

"Method of instruction and use of real life interviews to illustrate I+I methods was invaluable. Huge confidence booster."

"The videos of showing examples of the techniques being used was great!"

"Listening to the instructor talk about concepts and actions and then seeing them displayed in real life interviews was tremendous."

"I learned a vast amount of invaluable info. Best part was being able to have an organized template for interviewing."

Instructor Chris Chute

"Improving the art of interviewing."


"Great! Very interesting and humorous."

"He's great. Easy to learn."

"He was knowledgeable, articulate, and conveyed the information clearly and allowed the students to use and practice the material."

"Very interactive, very upbeat and passionate about the subject. Kept it interesting and fun. Made it very easy to learn the process."

"Easy to understand and comfortable to speak with."

"Chris Chute was excellent and easily conveys his thoughts and experiences."

"Excellent. Extremely knowledgeable."